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The friendship key to lasting peace, united communities, strong relationships, equality, and a better job!


These are troubled times. 

Loneliness is rife, hate and abuse have become our companions, inequality remains steadfast, and corruption abounds. Have you noticed? We have become competitors more than friends. We long to have the better, more prestigious, job, live in the wealthier suburbs, and drive the better car. We are becoming more divided, not less.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Perhaps we have underestimated friendship for far too long. 

The Fall and Rise of Women: How Women Can Change the World

Dr Winfried Sedhoff M.D.

Women were once revered and highly respected.

  • Learn why women are often treated poorly simply for being a woman, and what you can personally do to change that.

  • Discover how to build friendships with other women and be supported.

  • Recognise simple things you can do to make your relationship closer, more meaningful, satisfying and stable, by better meeting the friendship needs of your partner, and vice versa.

  • Learn how to create a balanced life, how to calm your mind, improve your mental health, and increase your wisdom, tolerance, and compassion.

  • Discover ways to enhance your spirituality, and connect with nature, uncover sources of peace, strength and focus.

  • Learn to connect with your authentic self, and how to be a better parent and carer.

The light that can transform a dark world lies deep within women, waiting to be uncovered and raised once more.



A Balance of Self: A new approach to self understanding, lasting happiness, and self-truth

Dr Winfried Sedhoff M.D.

A balanced life is something we all yearn for, but it can only be honestly achieved through a balance of self. This important book gently and sensitively guides us towards our inner self and shows us step by step how we can rescue, resuscitate and nurture our real identity back to health. We are offered a life raft stocked with all the survival tools we need for our journey and a clear navigation chart with all the routes we may wish to take clearly signposted. Although written as a handbook for those who have lost their sense of self, this book is also a pick me up to revitalise the true essence of those of us who are jaded or slightly unwell. Now we have no more excuses to deny ourselves true happiness and fulfilment in all areas of our lives.




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the fall and rise of women- extract


 The Keres Indians of Laguna Pueblo in North America tell a tale of Thought Woman and the origin of the world.

In her book The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the feminine in American Indian traditions, Paula Gunn Allen describes, ‘In the beginning Tse che nako, Thought Woman finished everything, thoughts and the names of all things. She finished also the languages.’1

Thought Woman is considered the spirit of creation that ‘informs right balance, right harmony, and these in turn order all relationships in conformity with her law’. She is considered ‘the supreme Spirit, she is both Mother and Father to all people and to all creatures’. They say she brought building, agriculture, memory, intuition, social systems, religion, creativity, dance, among many other things, and ‘blessed the people with the ability to provide for themselves and their progeny’. She was not a male ruler who punished those who defied her; she is the spirit of a woman who brought life, balance, and an ability to make our own decisions to humanity.

The Keres Indians believe Thought Woman will return and help restore balance in the world. That is the vision of this book – to help modern women elevate themselves to the revered ancient woman of the past – respected, acknowledged, empowered, so she, in turn, can transform society.

This book is dedicated to you women out there. Because I have seen your power, value, and your role in society denigrated. You’re not paid the same as men, you hit the glass ceiling protected by men, and are unappreciated at home and as a mother. You are objectified in the media to the point of contempt. Women like you all over the world are being oppressed, abused, and disrespected simply for being the person nature intended. You’re often regarded as inferior, subservient, or lowly compared to men who are commonly valued more highly. There has been a fall of woman - a downfall - ad it has seen, and continues to see, our relationships suffer, our families become dysfunctional, and our communities fragment and fall apart racked by violence and disunity leading to unnecessary wars, extremes of wealth and poverty, mass starvation, and destruction of the natural world on an unprecedented scale. The fall of woman - as we shall soon see - was inevitable. What is not inevitable is that it stays that way.