Why Women Have The Power To Transform The World

The world has gone bonkers! Innocent people are being shot, ran over, blown up, and bashed. Millions are starving, the sick aren’t getting medical attention, and our youth are being abused and lashing out. Our communities and families are fragmenting, falling apart. We are threatening our very existence with our own pollution. With so much misery and destruction it can make us personally feel powerless to make a real difference, to turn things around and create a truly better place.

We aren’t powerless.

You, as a woman in particular, have the power to turn things around.

Here are 4 important reasons why.

1.     As a woman you can enhance your tolerance, compassion, caring and wisdom

You have the ability to personally educate yourself about why you think and feel as you do, not from reading books, but based upon your life experience and your point of view, then using this to better understand the world, other people, and yourself.

Without reading a book you can reflect on yourself and intimately know your heart, what makes it tick and drives it. Such as what your heart needs from a relationship, and why it saddens you – or makes you angry – when you see a child being abused.

Using this personal understanding helps us imagine how we might react and feel in someone else’s shoes, fostering tolerance, compassion, caring and wisdom. We are more tolerant and caring of people like us.

2.     You can nurture children to be caring, tolerant, compassionate and wise

As a woman embracing her own wisdom and compassion you are perfectly placed to teach these qualities to your children. Every generation that follows can be more caring, compassionate, tolerant, and wise ensuring fewer conflicts, wars, hatred, abuse, and terror.

You can be the example of change that fosters peace, and promotes balanced, sustainable, lasting life satisfaction.

The more you understand your feelings and desires the more you can teach the next generation how to be more fulfilled human beings.

3.     You can master your pains and fears so future generations avoid hardships

As a woman connecting with her Inner Self – her heart, and deepest instincts – you can learn what your pains and fears want of you.

We don’t feel emotional pains for no reason; they reflect basic human needs that either aren’t being met, or we expect won’t be met. You can know what these needs are and then learn how to satisfy them.

You can learn what fears represent, how they are made by our brain anticipating scenarios and why, and how to use plans and acceptance to master them.

When you master your pains and fears so will your children; they will naturally learn your techniques. You can positively contribute towards every generation suffering less fear, terror, misery, and heart ache.

4.     You can teach children to be authentic

When we are authentic, not someone others expect, need, or want us, to be our life feels honest. It also feels more satisfying.

As human beings we all have the same basic human desires but our circumstances are different. You may be hungry when I am not. You might be lonely when I am not. If you try to be me and eat only when I do, and only seek friendships when I do, you will never be truly satisfied.

Be authentic as a woman and you teach your children to be authentic, and set them up to live the most satisfying lives possible.

As an authentic woman, embracing and valuing caring and nurturing instincts in your heart, also makes you ideally placed to champion these qualities in our societies so all of us care more for each other, not putting money, fame, and power first. People can, once again, be our priority.  

To quote Maria Chona of the Papago Indians of North America, ‘Women have power…Children.’ Our children change the world.  

As a woman you have far more power than you know. You can help modify the world’s priorities. You can raise caring, nurturing, wisdom, tolerance, and compassion to new heights. You can help teach us to master ourselves.

As a woman you are wonderfully gifted with the power to transform the world.