and Letting

Someone Say No.

(No argument. No punishment. No rolling our eyes.)


 ‘A compelling reconsideration of how friendship enables us to be accepted and loved for who we are and make a difference in the world…’

‘This well-crafted, thoughtful consideration of the damage done by isolating ourselves against individual and social alliances and following the golden rule of The Ten Desires to find a sense of belonging will reward readers’ attention.’

‘The historically accurate facts and clear-eyed insights Sedhoff deploys in the book make it both an informative and engrossing read.’


by The Prairies Book Review.


we all recognise it: The key to a lastingly satisfying life is balance.

Ultimately, a true and honest sense of balance can only be achieved through a balance of self — it begins within.

learn how to create meaningful positive change from the inside so that an honest sense of balance — and sense of self — becomes and integral part of you.

Women have been disrespected and undervalued for far too long!

The abuse must stop!

Inside every woman is a powerful and honest part of themselves that can guide us all to improve our world, relationships, and societies - put a definitive end the abuse.

perhaps It is time women learnt to listen more themselves — their true inner self —and each other than a society dominated by often-misguided men.

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